Case Studies

Fear of Death….

I had a fear of death that made no sense to me at all, nothing I could remember had happened that could have caused this, in a regression I found myself in my mothers womb…. I heard a conversation that my mother had with her doctor.. they said i wasn’t there, she knew she was pregnant, but the doctor’s said she was wrong….. she then started to feel unwell and was told that I didn’t make it.. and this is why the relationship between us wasn’t close, even though I am grown, I made it, the belief of the 6 month old made was still there and was causing the fear



There goes my past again……

A client came to me because she had continued to marry the same kind of man three times over, abusive, controlling and violent, she wanted to know why she kept choosing this kind of guy each time, she did not like the way she was treated but kept doing the same thing, We did a past life regression and she was shown three past lives where they were in relationships, each time she had taken her own life to get away…. This told her that she needed to be strong and she could make it on her own, for each husband had taken away her confidence in all areas of her life, this realization and posotive re enforcement has enabled her to become independent and live on her own without fear.



Millionare Three Times…..

A client came to see me because he was able to earn a large income but kept self sabbotaging himself so he lost all his money… After 2 sessions we discovered that when he was 6 years old, and having lunch at a restaurant with his father, a wealthy man wearing a suit entered inside and his father said “son you see that man standing there?” he replied “yes”. “that man is rich and he is a evil man’ my client incorrectly concluded that if he was able to wear a suit and be wealthy, he was a bad man…. and so the cycle continued…. Until I resolved this for him.



Monster Headache

A client was suffering headaches and had all the testing done by the doctor, she was given the all clear, so she decided to seek out alternative treatment.

She reported to me in her intake she was frustrated, angry and felt like an idiot, also very sad about her headaches.

We did a regression to the initial event that caused her to feel this way, she was 6 years old in a hospital bed, she was having surgery on her eyes and had eaten something, even though she had been told not to eat anything, the result was that she started to throw up on the operating table.

The surgeon doing the operation wasn’t expecting her to move and as a result he cut the optic nerve, compromising her eyesight in that eye forever..

She was giving herself the headaches as a punishment for the slip up. She felt like an idiot, angry and sad because she caused the physical injury to herself and also scared the surgeon to death – Guilt.

After forgiving herself for eating the food she has healed and the headaches went away.

Secondary gain is what was happening in this case, if your doing something negative to yourself it is because you are in fact getting something out of it, however messed up it may be.

All illness is lack of forgiveness!



Weight on the mind

A lady came to me because of her weight issue, she had tried everything she could to loose weight but nothing seemed to work.

In her intake she said she felt dirty, embarrassed and ashamed by her weight issue.

The regression for her took her back to when she was 2 years old and she was sexually abused by a parent, she had no conscious recall of this incident, it was only in the session it came up.

She would be rewarded by snacks after the events took place.

She felt dirty, embarrassed and ashamed of her weight but the truth was she was all those things about the abuse. She felt guilty because as a child the feeling was a pleasant one, once explained that we are sexual beings from birth, and this was a normal reaction she was able to let go of the guilt.

She was over eating for two reasons, food tastes good and when I feel good it means I have been a good girl, and secondly if she was overweight no one would find her attractive and it was protection for her

We went into forgiveness for the abuse and she agreed she had suffered enough, she was finally willing to let it all go.

This session was 3 months ago, she has gained confidence, lost weight and now beginning to look at dating!

Secondary gain is at work here again, using the weight as protection, no one would look at her and she was safe from further abuse.

peace is health!



Mommy are you there?

A lady came to see me because she lacked confidence, when it came to work and relationships she was floored.

She said in the intake she felt abandoned, alone and sad and bad by not being able to speak up.

We went back to childhood and found the cause there.

Her mother would leave her in the playroom for hours, thinking she would be ok with toys etc.

The client as a child was so scared to be alone and cried for hours, calling out for anyone to come and get her, her calls were left unanswered.

As a result the child believed she had been abandoned, and was alone and sad and bad.

She concluded that there was no point it crying out for attention because no one cared or wanted to listen.

By not needing to speak up she was protecting herself from rejection of others and shying away in the corner of the room.

After we had finished the regression protocol she was all healed and the forgiveness was truly life changing for her.

She now lives with confidence in her own ability to be able to speak up for what she wants and is now living a much more calm and peaceful life, she is not needy anymore, and this has helped her marriage so much, they are like newly weds and he loves the fact she wants to take a more active role in the relationship.

Secondary gain is working again here, by keeping her quiet she hoped to be accepted by others.

How you feel about your issue is the issue!



Angry at the boss lady!

A client came to see me with an interesting issue, he finally got the dream job he had been looking for and it was all he had dreamed of except one thing he felt so angry towards his immediate boss and had no idea why.

She had been nothing but encouraging towards him in getting him familiar with the job tasks and supporting him, it was just a feeling he had which he could not control.

When he sat in my office he was completely mystified as to why he felt this way, and said I have never felt this way before but I know if I can’t change it, I shall end up leaving or worse getting fired.

I asked him how he felt about this and he said frustrated, embarrassed and of all things dirty.

During the session we uncovered an incident whilst he was being potty trained, he had an accident and his mother had talked in a tone which was degrading, he felt angry, frustrated and dirty that this had happened.

The reason for the issue with the boss was because she not only looked like his mother, but when she was explaining to him how to overcome issues, the tone she used was the same, which it turn pushed his buttons and his emotions came right back.

Being able to uncover this incident we dealt with the issues and also resolved the attitude towards the boss, he had no idea at all where this was coming from in the beginning but it made complete sense when we uncovered the issue.

He now loves going to work and no longer has these raging emotions and in fact really likes his boss, who he now jokingly calls mom!

Secondary gain here was because he was in a learning situation again and having to be coached the old emotions came back as a defense mechanism as protection from criticism.



I don’t deserve!

A client walked into my office after trying for a baby for 3 years, medically everything seemed to be ok, but it just wasn’t happening.

I asked her how she felt about this issue and she reported feeling, ashamed, embarrassed, evil and angry.

She had told me she had been pregnant in the past and lost the baby, so she knew it was possible to conceive.

During a regression she was back in hospital, however it was when she had an abortion, she felt all those negative emotions at the time, once she was able to see that she did the best she could at that time in her life given the resources she had she was able to forgive herself for making the choice.

Because in her mind she felt bad and evil for the choice she made back then this was what was stopping her from getting pregnant, the phrase that came back was you don’t deserve to have a child you had your chance and blew it.

After the session she felt a sense of relief and said that she had almost convinced herself that it never happened.

When I followed up 6 weeks later she said she was pregnant and they were over the moon, currently she is 4 months pregnant and having a wonderful pregnancy.

By not thinking she was worthy of a baby because of an earlier choice she actually stopped herself from conceiving a child, yet again secondary gain was at work here.

Secondary gain is usually to blame for most things a hypnotherapist deals with, but it is understandable that the client felt this way, however is it something a session can resolve.