About Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We all experience this on a daily basis, before we go to sleep, before we awaken and even while driving. Highway hypnosis is when you have driven to your destination and cannot recall parts of it. Although you may be driving safely, your mind was elsewhere. With the help of a therapist certain  thoughts or behaviors are dealt with bringing the client to peace. The only way of getting results is that you have a desire to change, or in other words, are in agreement and ready to accept the suggestions given to you.

Tranceform Yourself!!

Hypnotherapists assist clients in using imagery and positive suggestions to:

Gain insight, find new solutions, intensify positive feelings, remove negative feelings, strengthen a sense of self control, develop new healthy habits, eliminate a symptom, discover the initial cause of problems, re-educate the reprogram the sub-conscious mind and rediscover their “Inner self”. Many times we just need to be introduced to the inner child and are able to use our own inner resources to help with change.

Hypnosis is not mind control, it also is not the work of the devil or anything evil, We deal with the incorrect and outdated conclusions and beliefs that were made when you were younger that no longer serve you.

Think of it as body asleep….mind awake